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Austria  Austria     
10022007330Coke side of lifeUEFA Euro 2008 - Fans with Austrian flags0 - MP3 Player0

Belgium  Belgium
9261989330Old120 Coke Machines - "Accumulez les decibels et gagnez!"0

Brazil  Brazil
10042007350Coke side of lifeviva o lado Coca-Cola da musica (FE)1
10062007350Coke side of lifeviva o lado Coca-Cola da musica (AL)0
881995350Bottle"Fervecao" picture of sun drinking Coke0
931993350OldCoke Machine0

China  China
10232007355WaveVanilla Coke - Bejing 2008 Olympic Games symbol0 - Red hair girl playing guitar, - pinguin image0

France  France
1912003330WaveWave Design - "Coke up to you"1
1791993330Oldimage of women and Coke bottle - "Boite Retro 1993" (Serie Limitee)0

Germany  Germany
2292001330Cup"Probier was Neues! Coke bei 3 Grad!"0
2432000330SpecialUnd Coke Bei 3*C (summer set)0

Great Britain  Great Britain
2692000330Cupblack rim - "Coke Auction"0
2791995330BottleSun drinking Coke0
8771995330Specialcherry Coke1

Greece  Greece
9892006330Coke side of lifeChristmas 2006 - a girl gives Coca-Cola bottole to santa0

Hong Kong  Hong Kong
10032007355Coke side of lifeThe Coke side of life set0
9732007355Coke side of lifeRegular bottle explotion can0
9092006355WaveLinage, iCoke.hk0

Hungary  Hungary
9772008330Coke side of lifeUEFA Euro 2008 - football on the Coke side of life1

Israel  Israel
10132008330Coke side of lifeCoke side of life design - "Love the Life"22
9582007330Coke side of lifeRegular Coke side of life design24
9662007330Coke side of lifeCoca Cola written in Arabic (made in Betunia) - Colorful images coming out from a Coca-Cola bottle26
9672007330Coke side of lifemyMusic 2007 - Coca-Cola Music vilage19
4031980330BlankFirst Coke Can in Israel0

Italy  Italy
4042000330CupPicture of Sun, Ball and Coke bottle2

Korea  Korea
#YearmlDesignDescriptionDup. - jukeOn0

Netherlands  Netherlands
5622004330SpecialEuro 2004 Portugal - "Coke 360" - Ruud Van Nistelrooij
  • Ruud with red shirt (1)
  • 0
    5351989330Old"Echt is Echt, Coke is Coke"0
    5281988330BlankCalendar of 1988 "Echt is Echt, Coke is Coke"0
    5491987330OldHet Goede Doel - Hcht is Echt, Cokie is Coke0
    5341986330BlankWorld Championship Baseball 1986 - "Echt is Echt, Coke is Coke"0
    5601985330Blank"Echt is Echt, Coke is Coke"1
    9321985330BlankCoca-Cola en windsurfen - "Echt is Echt, Coke is Coke"0
    5451985330Blank"Echt is Echt, Coke is Coke" - smaller "Coke"0
    5471983330BlankEcht is Echt, Coke is Coke - Liberty statue0

    Norway  Norway
    5801995330OldCoke - Sin Cafeina - gold can0

    Singapore  Singapore
    6182004330SpecialCoke mp3 - "100,000 songs and mobile..."0
    6152004330SpecialVanilla Coke mp3 - "100,000 songs..."0
    6251996330DiscThe Coke Card - "Festive series"0
    6201996330DiscThe Coke Card - "Get It and Get More"0
    6241995330Blank"Coke is Music" "HipHop&Hot" light blue rim - "Bid & Win!"0

    South Africa  South Africa
    6352003340SpecialVanilla Coke0

    Spain  Spain
    6781994330OldCoke - Sin Cafeina - gold can0

    Sweden  Sweden
    6822003330SpecialVanilla Coke0

    Thailand  Thailand
    10092007325Coke side of lifeSea Games 2007 - Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand0
    10102007325Coke side of lifeLand of Smiles0
    7182004325WaveVanilla Coke1
    10111994325SpecialWorld Cup USA 1994 - Dog with Coke bottle and leg on the ball0

    Turkey  Turkey
    9742007330WaveROCK'N COKE istanbul 2007 - "non-stop heyecan"0
    9832006330WaveROCK N' COKE 2006 - "Muzik Nereye, Sen Oraya"0
    8982005330WaveROCK'N COKE istanbul 20050
    7502003330WaveROCK'N COKE istanbul 20031
    7511995330SpecialBig Sun drinking Coke - "Coca-Cola Sicak Yaz '95"0

    U.S.A  U.S.A
    8332004355WaveCherry Coke - Regular Wave Design0
    8232002355SpecialVanilla Coke2
    7691992355OldCaffeine Free Coke - Golden stripes0
    9711989355SpecialCoke II "Refreshingly smooth..."0
    9901985354BlankNEW! Coke - N.Y State - 5 cent Refund0


    Total Resoults: 62
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