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9622007237Special100 calories per can1
9492006355SantaHoliday 2006 - "Give Live Love" - Santa with polar bear and a bottle0
8962005355WaveRegular Wave Design + "Classic"4
8952005355SpecialHoliday 2005 - "Give Live Love"0
8332004355WaveCherry Coke - Regular Wave Design0
8432004355WaveCaffeine Free - Regular wave design1
8262004355WaveHalloween Horror Nights 2004 - save $150
8362004355WaveSix Flags Jackson NJ - "Buy 1 ticket, Get 1 free"0
8662004355WaveCoca-Cola C21
8512003355Cup"Save $6 off Regular Admission to Hersheypark"0
8232002355SpecialVanilla Coke2
8242002355CupHouston Texans - 2002 Inaugural Season0
8102002355Cup"Hersheypark - Half Coaster. Half Water Ride. All Fun!"0
8162001355CupRegular Cup Design4
8072001355SantaEdition 2001 - Santa sitting with presents1
7872001355CupCaffeine Free, Gold can "Coca-Cola enjoy" "the Refreshment…the Possibilities…Share the Experience"0
8022001355CupWhite rim - "Save $5 at Lagoon" + Adv. - "Lagoon Save $5"0
8032001355CupWhite rim - "Xtreme Park…Xtreme Savings!" + Adv. - "$12 off Six Flags Magic Mountain"0
8002001355Cup"Coca-Cola enjoy" "the Refreshment…the Possibilities…Share the Experience"0
7712001355CupHersheypark - "Share good times with..."0
8042000355CupWhite rim - "Coca-Cola enjoy…and Save $10 with this can!" + Adv. - "Six Flags, Fright Fest"0
8012000355CupWhite rim - "Save $1.00 off Red Barons Ticket!" + Adv. - "Red Barons"0
8222000355SantaSanta - 2000 Edition - Caffeine Free - Gold can0
7952000355SpecialCaffeine Free, Gold can with picture of Football player0
7732000355CupBlack rim - "Experience the action, Super Bowl XXXIV, Atlanta, Georgia" + Adv. - "so REAL you can taste it"0
7932000355SantaSanta - 2000 Edition1
7962000355CupCaffeine Free, Gold can2
7801999355Disc"Save $6 off regular admission to HersheyparK"0
8471999355DiscDisc design from Atlanta - rough top0
8091998355DiscCaffeine Free, Gold & Red can0
7671997355Disc"Always Celebrate, Always Coca-Cola" "85th Anniversary Weis"0
8171997355SpecialCan in shape of bottle! (very nice…)0
7661997355Disc"Always Fun at Six Flags, Buy 1 ticket, Get 1 free or other great savings" "Six Flags Great Adventure…"0
7861997355DiscWhite rim - "Celebrating Business & Education, Building a future together" + Adv. - picture of an apple0
7721997355Disc"$5 Off, BuschGardens, Water Country USA" + Adv. - "Alpengeist, Busch Gardens"0
8111997355DiscRegular Disc Design2
7741997355DiscAlways Summer Fun at Six Flags, Save up to $10 off Admission - Six Flags Over Georgia…0
7901997355SantaSanta set - 1997 Edition
  • Santa with Coke & Kid behind (1)
  • Santa sitting next to a Train (1)
  • 0
    9221996355BlankBaseball 1996 World Champions - "Real refreshment for world champion yankees fans"0
    7791996355BottleBottle design from Charlotte - rough can0
    9911996355BottleParamount's Great America, Save $5 Off General Admission0
    8081996355OldCaffeine Free - gold can - Always symbol - not round!0
    7831996355Disc"New England Patriots…Always a champion…Always Coca-Cola" "Patriots 1996 AFC Champions"0
    7881996355Olympic BottleAtlanta 1996 Olympic Games - 1928 -1996, W.O.P symbol1
    7841996355BottleWhite rim - "The big E Celebrating 75 Years 1996" + Adv. - "The Big E symbol"0
    7771996355Bottle"Superman The Escape - Great Six Flags Savings" Six Flags Magic Mountain $10 off…"0
    7761996355Bottle"Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Pottsville""50 Year Annivesary"0
    7911996355SantaSanta set - 1996 Edition
  • Santa sitting with Coke & sleeping deer (1)
  • 0
    7701996355Bottle"NFL, You could win Super Bowl Trips for life!…"1
    8191996355Disc"1928-1996 Olympic rings W.O.P"0
    7781995355Bottle"Save the bay, Recycle Aluminium Cans…" "Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Save The Bay"0
    8421995355BottleBottle design from Atlanta0
    7751995355Bottle"$5 Off Admission To OpryLand" "$5 Off Regular Adult Admission To OpryLand" - rough can0
    8411995355BottleBottle design from New-York0
    7821995355Bottle"New York Giants" + New York Giants symbol, NFL 1995 Collector Series0
    7921995355SantaSanta set - 1995 Edition (Full SET for trade)
  • Santa sitting with Coke & sleeping deer (2)
  • Santa sitting with girl on his knees (1)
  • 1
    7811995355Bottle"San Francisco 49ers" + 49ers symbol, NFL 1995 Collector Series0
    7851995355Bottle"1995 Spring break Always cool"0
    7681994355BottleGreen rim - "Arrivederci Mario 1994" + Adv. - Mario, picture of man"0
    7651994355BlankAtlanta Super Bowl XXVIII0
    7891994500BlankCan with plastic top like a bottle (nice…)0
    7981993355OldGolden Can - Caffeine Free - "Original Formula" with Always Contour0
    8501993355Blank"1993 World series" Phillies symbol "1993 National league Champions"0
    8201993355Blank"Six Flags Magic Mountain Buy one, Get one Free…or save $4.00…"0
    8271993355OldGolden Can - Caffeine Free - "Original Formula"0
    8401993355Blank"Oriole Park" "Baltimore Orioles 1993 All Star Game" picture of bird0
    8061993355Blank"Original Formula" from Atlanta - Rough top0
    8451993355Blank"Commemorating" "125 Years" Cincinnati REDS symbol 1869-1993"0
    8461992355BlankXIXth Olympiad - MEXICO0
    8481992355Blank"Save the Bay 15,000,000 Americans…"0
    8371992355Blank"Valdosta High School 1992…" + picture of a beast in Football suit0
    7691992355OldCaffeine Free Coke - Golden stripes0
    8311992355BlankBatman Nights - "Six Flags Magic Mountain"0
    8281992355Blank"$5.00 OFF Carowinds"0
    7941992355SantaSanta with bottle + "Original Formula"0


    Total Resoults: 98
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