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South Africa  South Africa     
6382005200WaveNarrow can, Regular Wave Design0
6422004340WaveMega Millions!0
6352003340SpecialVanilla Coke0
6402000200CupRegular Cup Design0
6432000340CupSydney 2000 Olympic Games0
6441998200DiscRegular Disc Design0
6361995200BottleRegular Bottle Design0
9061995200BottleRugby World Cup, SAA - South Africa Airways0
9281995340BottleRugby World Cup 1995 - "Always Rugby, Always Coca-Cola"0
9291995340BottleCongratulations South Africa - The 1995 Rugby World Cup Champions! "Always Proud Of Our Team"0
6371989200OldRegular Old Design0
6391983340OldRegular Old Design0
6411980340BlankRegular Blank Design0


Total Resoults: 13
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