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Argentina  Argentina     
162001354CupRegular Cup Design2
62000354CupSilver rim - "Ahora solo en Colegios $0.50" "Pasala Mejor…con Amigos"0
91998354DiscWorld Cup France 1998 - 1 de cada 10 es Gratis!0

Australia  Australia
272004375CupFormer Origin Greats - 5 to collect0
452003375WaveRugby World Cup 20030
252002250CupRegular Cup Design0
212002375CupRent 1 Movue Get 1 Free - Video Ezy0
462001375CupRegular Cup Design1

Austria  Austria
592000500CupRegular Cup Design0
551994330BottleWorld Cup USA 94 - Fussball-WM Sammelserie
  • num. 3 von 8 (1)
  • 0
    531994500BottleWorld Cup USA 94 - Fussball-WM Sammelserie - 500ml0

    Belgium  Belgium
    672001330CupCup Design - broun rim - "Find The Symbols, Play & Win (Sans Cafeine)0
    702001330CupCup Design - light green rim - "Find The Symbols, Play & Win0
    692000330CupBlack rim - "Refresh. Play & Enjoy"3
    731994330OldWorld Cup USA 94 - Players set0
    10291986330BlankMexico 1986 World Cup + Tour de France0

    Benelux  Benelux
    792000330CupRegular Cup Design3

    Brazil  Brazil
    962002350SpecialWorld Cup Korea Japan 2002 - "promocao BOLA do Jogo" + Adidas logo0
    972002350SpecialWorld Cup Korea Japan 2002 - "Voce no melhor LUGAR da COPA"0
    872002473SpecialWorld Cup Korea Japan 2002 - PELE with football (Full SET for trade)1
    982000350CupBlack rim - "Muitos brilham no escuro!" "Juntou, trocou!" + Adv. - aliens pictures0
    901998350DiscWorld Cup France 98 - "Refresque sua Sede de 5"0
    941994350SpecialWorld Cup USA 94 - "Estados Unidos 1994"0

    Bulgaria  Bulgaria
    1052001330CupRegular Cup Design0

    Canada  Canada
    1092000355CupSydney 2000 Olympic Games0
    1082000355CupRegular Cup Design1
    1221992355BlankBack 2 Back '92 - '93 Toronto Blue Jays, 1993 World Series + silver rim - "Toronto Blue Jays 1993 World..."0
    1141992355Blank"Back to Back" "Toronto Blue Jays" "1993 World Series"0

    Chile  Chile
    1241998355DiscWorld Cup France 98 - Groups0

    China  China
    9602005355SpecialWorld of Warcraft
  • tall man with red clothes and green eyes (1)
  • 0
    1362004355CupNBA China Games - Rockets vs. Kings0
    1352004355Cup25th Anniversary0
    1462002355SpecialWorld Cup Korea Japan 2002 - Mascots0
    1412002355CupRegular Cup Design (alu)0
    1442001355Cup China's football Team Signatures0
    1332001500CupWoman with white Shirt (big picture)0
    1452000355CupMusic Star "Xie Tingfeng" (ALU)0

    Colombia  Colombia
    1562002355SpecialWorld Cup Korea Japan 2002 - Players0
    1552001355CupRegular Cup Design0

    Cyprus  Cyprus
    9432006330WaveWorld Cup Germany 20061
    8652002330SpecialWorld Cup 2002 - Soccer Promotion0
    1642000330CupBlack rim, yellow square "50 Xponia Mazi!"0
    1581994330OldWorld Cup USA 94 - Dog with ball holding bottle0

    Czech Republic  Czech Republic
    1662002250CupOsvez Se Na Ex 1
    1702001330CupRegular Cup Design (same can as in Slovakia)3

    Egypt  Egypt
    1722000330CupRegular Cup Design0

    El Salvador  El Salvador
    9052000354CupRegular Cup Design, Sold in Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua & Costa Rica0

    France  France
    1802003150CupRegular Cup Design0
    1772002330Cup"Edition Limitee" - stars background and golden "Coca-Cola" - Harry Potter design0
    1902001330Cup"Ete Frappe"0
    1962000330CupRegular Cup Design0
    2032000330CupDestinations Sensations3
    2051998330SpecialWorld Cup France 98 - Champions Du Monde0
    1781996330Bottle"Doe mee met de worldtour - aktie…" + always contour1

    Germany  Germany
    2462002330Cup50th Anniversary BILD - Danke Deutschland!0
    2292001330Cup"Probier was Neues! Coke bei 3 Grad!"0
    2512000330CupFootball - "Eiskalte Erfrischung fur Fussball Fans"0
    2262000330CupRegular Cup Design1
    2182000330CupCoca-Cola Cherry1
    2282000500CupRegular Cup Design1
    2301994330SpecialWorld Cup USA 94 - Players Signatures0
    2171994330OldWorld Cup USA 94 + Lillehammer '941
    2141990330OldWorld Cup Italy '90 - symbol0
    9401988330OldDavis Cup0
    2101986330BlankWorld Cup Mexico 86 symbol + "Trink Coca-Cola"0
    9411982330BlankWorld Cup Espana 19820

    Great Britain  Great Britain
    2642002330SpecialWorld Cup Korea Japan 2002 - Gold rim - "win VIP tickets to 2006..."0
    2832000150CupRegular Cup Design5
    2692000330Cupblack rim - "Coke Auction"0
    2712000330CupRegular Cup Design0
    2581994330Old"Official WorldWide Olympic Sponser"0
    8921993330OldOlympic rings - "Official worldwide olympic sponser" - "Best served ice cold"0
    2651990330OldWorld Cup Italy '90 - "You Can't Beat The Feeling!"0
    2571990330OldWorld Cup Italy '90 - 10,000 Soccaballs to be won!0


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