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Belgium  Belgium     
672001330CupCup Design - broun rim - "Find The Symbols, Play & Win (Sans Cafeine)0
761995330Old"Sans Cafeine, Cafeinevrij" + Always Contour0

France  France
2001999330DiscSans Cafeine - "Se Boit Tres Frais"1
9311997330BlankGagne ton entreea Disneyland paris - "Le Carnaval des Fous" - Il Bossu de Notre Dame (Sans Cafeine)0
10081996330BlankSans Cafeine - "Se Boit Tres Frais"0
1941996330BlankSans Cafeine - "Se Boit Tres Frais"1

Italy  Italy
4082005330SpecialCoca-Cola Live @ MTV - senza caffeina - Gold man plays Guitar0
4112003330WaveCoca-Cola Live @ MTV - "senza caffeina" - gold top0
4322002330SpecialWorld Cup Korea Japan 2002 - "Senza Caffeina"0
4432000330CupSenza Caffeina + "Enjoy"0
4442000330Cup"Senza Caffeina" Cup Design1
4271997330DiscSenza Caffeina - yellow rim - "Dissetati, Guarda dentro e scorpi…"0

Netherlands  Netherlands
9011985330Special"Sans Cafeine" - white lines all over the golden can0

Norway  Norway
5801995330OldCoke - Sin Cafeina - gold can0

Spain  Spain
6722004330Specialsin cafeina - "Caza Juguetes"0
8712004330WaveWave Design - "Sin Cafeina"1
6662003330SantaChristmas 2003 - sin cafeina0
6482002330Cup"Sin Cafeina"1
9211996330BlankCoca-Cola (written in Gold letters) - Sin Cafeina0
6781994330OldCoke - Sin Cafeina - gold can0
6771990330OldSin Cafeina - special stripes0

U.A.E  U.A.E
9692004330WaveCaffeine Free - "Coca-Cola" written in Arabic1
9702004330WaveCaffeine Free - Golden can - "Win musical prizes"0

U.S.A  U.S.A
8432004355WaveCaffeine Free - Regular wave design1
7872001355CupCaffeine Free, Gold can "Coca-Cola enjoy" "the Refreshment…the Possibilities…Share the Experience"0
8222000355SantaSanta - 2000 Edition - Caffeine Free - Gold can0
7952000355SpecialCaffeine Free, Gold can with picture of Football player0
7962000355CupCaffeine Free, Gold can2
8091998355DiscCaffeine Free, Gold & Red can0
8081996355OldCaffeine Free - gold can - Always symbol - not round!0
8271993355OldGolden Can - Caffeine Free - "Original Formula"0
7981993355OldGolden Can - Caffeine Free - "Original Formula" with Always Contour0
7691992355OldCaffeine Free Coke - Golden stripes0
9481992355OldGolden can - Caffeine free Coca-Cola classic, Original Formula - "proud worldwide sponser of the 1992 Olympic Games"0
9021985354Special"Caffeine Free!" - white lines all over the golden can0


Total Resoults: 35
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