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Great Britain  Great Britain     
10362008150WaveRegular wave design0
8682005330WaveWave Design - Multipack Can15
8672005330WaveRegular Wave Design1
8632005330Wave"Bring me Fun, Sunshine, Love"0
8622005330WaveWin Ringtones or music downloads0
2702004330SpecialCoca-Cola Football League - "The real league for real fans"0
8702003330WaveCoca-Cola vanilla (new)0
2642002330SpecialWorld Cup Korea Japan 2002 - Gold rim - "win VIP tickets to 2006..."0
2832000150CupRegular Cup Design5
2692000330Cupblack rim - "Coke Auction"0
2712000330CupRegular Cup Design0
2751999150DiscRegular Disc Design2
2591999330DiscRegular Disc Design3
2841997150BottleRegular Bottle Design1
2851997330Bottleyellow rim - "37p multipack can, thirst for it, Instant win over 3 million prizes…"0
2541997330Bottlewhite rim - 37p Multipack can, "Eat Tootball, Sleep Football, Drink Coca-Cola"0
2811996150Bottle"Euro 96 England UEFA"0
2721996330BottleRegular Bottle Design0
2551996330Olympic BottleAtlanta 1996 Olympic Games - 1928 -1996, W.O.P symbol0
2531996330Bottle"Eat Tootball, Sleep Football, Drink Coca-Cola"0
2821996330Bottle"Euro '96 England"0
2761996330Bottlegreen rim "Free Euro '96 T-Shirt" + UMBRO & Euro '96 symbols1
2631996500BottleRegular Bottle Design0
2801995330Bottleyellow rim - "Play Red Hot Summer"1
8771995330Specialcherry Coke1
2791995330BottleSun drinking Coke0
2581994330Old"Official WorldWide Olympic Sponser"0
8921993330OldOlympic rings - "Official worldwide olympic sponser" - "Best served ice cold"0
2741993330Old"Coca-Cola is the Music" - yellow rim - "10 trax back"0
2611993330Old"You can't beat the taste - Ice Cold!" + white rim: "Multipack Can"0
2681993500Old"Coca-Cola is the Music" - yellow rim - "10 trax back"0
2731993500Old"You Can't Beat The Taste - Ice Cold!"0
2621992330OldBarcelona 1992 Olympic Games - Olympic Poster Collection0
2601990150OldOld Design, Flat bottom0
2571990330OldWorld Cup Italy '90 - 10,000 Soccaballs to be won!0
2651990330OldWorld Cup Italy '90 - "You Can't Beat The Feeling!"0
2661989150OldRegular Old Design1
10191989330Oldwhite rim - "6 Pack"0
5431988150BlankBlank Design - flat bottom5
2771988330OldWorldWide Sponser of the 1988 Olympic Games - "Best served chilled"0
2781985500BlankWhite rim - New Supercan! 500ml0
2671983150BlankBlank Design - short, wide, flat bottom0
2561982330Blank"It's the real thing!"0


Total Resoults: 43
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