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Argentina  Argentina     
81999354DiscPasala Mejor con tu COCA-COLA0

Australia  Australia
331996375Bottle"AFL - Centenary Grand Final" + gold rim - "1996 'Coca-Cola' AFL Centenary Grand Final"0
241994375Blank"Coca-Cola Hot 5 - Save Instantly" + green rim - "Enter the 'Coca-Cola' Hot 5"0
301994375BottleGold can - Coca-Cola 50 Years in Western Australia0
341994500BlankAlways Contour - "We're giving you MORE of the great taste of 'Coca-Cola'" + yellow rim - "33% Extra"0
261993375OldSummer - "Multi oack can" - "Always Coca-Cola"0
311993500Special"Coca-Cola" Hot Five - Surf set0
411992375Old"Script and Star" + white rim - "You could star in a T.V. commercial for 'Cola-Cola'"0

Austria  Austria
611998330Special"Die Coca-Cola Fan WM"0
9861997500SantaChristmas 1997 Edition - Santa (and kid behind) opens a Coca-Cola bottle0

Belgium  Belgium
10301999330DiscThe Coca-Cola Originals (steel) - ver#10
10311999330DiscThe Coca-Cola Originals - (green)0
9881994500OldMAXI 0.5L + "Always Coca-Cola"0
9391989330OldBoutique Coca-Cola Music system - sponser officiel des jeux olympiques0

Brazil  Brazil
10062007350Coke side of lifeviva o lado Coca-Cola da musica (AL)0
10042007350Coke side of lifeviva o lado Coca-Cola da musica (FE)1
1032002350Special"Bumba-Meu-Boi Coca-Cola" Image of cow0
822002350Special"Coca-Cola" with silver squares0
851996350Disc"Coma Futebol, Respire Futebol, Beba Coca-Cola"0

Chile  Chile
9032005350Wave"Un techo para Chile" - Al comprar latas de Coca-Cola ayudas a que menos familias vivan en campamentos0
1282004350WaveRefresca tu Musica con Coca-Cola0

China  China
1312003355WaveRegular Wave Design - "Coca-Cola" in Chinese0
1421996355BottleRegular Bottle Design - ver#2 "Coca-Cola"1

Colombia  Colombia
1532004355Special"Vibra con Coca-Cola" - Speakers in pipes drawing0
1542004355Special"Vibra con Coca-Cola" - Black spots0

Cyprus  Cyprus
8692003330Wave"be smart… enter Coca-Cola"0

Egypt  Egypt
1732004330WaveWave Design - "Coca-Cola" written in Arabic2

France  France
1772002330Cup"Edition Limitee" - stars background and golden "Coca-Cola" - Harry Potter design0

Germany  Germany
2272002330SpecialGo for it! - "Die Coca-Cola Fussball Collection"0
2202002330SpecialGo for it! - "Die Coca-Cola Fussball Collection" - FC Bayern Muenchen (2nd Edition)0
2182000330CupCoca-Cola Cherry1
2161997330BottleRegular Bottle Design - "Das Original von Coca-Cola"0
2331996330BottleCoca-Cola - "Always Music" II
  • Stefan Raab (1)
  • Snap! (1)
  • Jule Neigel Band (1)
  • 0
    2391994330SpecialCoca-Cola - "Always Music" I
  • Bon Jovi (Gray can) (1)
  • 0
    2101986330BlankWorld Cup Mexico 86 symbol + "Trink Coca-Cola"0

    Great Britain  Great Britain
    2702004330SpecialCoca-Cola Football League - "The real league for real fans"0
    8702003330WaveCoca-Cola vanilla (new)0
    2541997330Bottlewhite rim - 37p Multipack can, "Eat Tootball, Sleep Football, Drink Coca-Cola"0
    2531996330Bottle"Eat Tootball, Sleep Football, Drink Coca-Cola"0
    2741993330Old"Coca-Cola is the Music" - yellow rim - "10 trax back"0
    2681993500Old"Coca-Cola is the Music" - yellow rim - "10 trax back"0

    Greece  Greece
    9892006330Coke side of lifeChristmas 2006 - a girl gives Coca-Cola bottole to santa0

    Hong Kong  Hong Kong
    3091997355Bottlegreen rim - "Always Coca-Cola" + "20 years into infinite Fun"0
    3121997355DiscCoca-Cola - "Coolest of the Cool!"0
    3001997355Bottlegreen rim - "Always Coca-Cola" + "Alegria…the big top..."0
    3011996355Bottlegreen rim - "Always Coca-Cola" W.O.P symbol0
    2971996355Bottlegreen rim - "Always Coca-Cola"0
    2961996355Bottle"Coca-Cola" Olympic Games Promotion + W.O.P symbol1
    3151995355SantaSanta with bottle + green rim - "Always Coca-Cola"0
    3041995355Bottlegreen rim - "join the Coca-Cola semmer promotion"0

    Ireland  Ireland
    3222004250WaveCoca-Cola vanilla0

    Israel  Israel
    9982008330SpecialBeijing 2008 Olympic Games - Coca-Cola visitors center exclusive can (not for sale)1
    10002008330BlankNew Blank design - "Coca-Cola" in Arabic3
    9992008330WaveRonen Liwski's Can - it's not a joke, it's a Coca-Cola can that was made especially for me!3
    9962008330Blank40 Years to Coca-Cola (not for sale - contains rice)9
    9952008330BlankCoca-Cola Village 2008 - Summer vacation promotion7
    9662007330Coke side of lifeCoca Cola written in Arabic (made in Betunia) - Colorful images coming out from a Coca-Cola bottle26
    9672007330Coke side of lifemyMusic 2007 - Coca-Cola Music vilage19
    9652007330WaveWin Cash - Coca Cola written in Arabic (made in Betunia)20
    9972007330Wave"Center of the senses" - Coca-Cola visitors center exclusive can (not for sale)23
    3232005330WaveCoca-Cola Planet31
    8642005330Wave"Coca-Cola" in Arabic (made in Ramallah or Betunia)41
    3762004330Wave5 Years Coca-Cola - "Palestinian Production"1
    3962004330WaveCoca-Cola Music website
    3262003330WaveWave Design - "Coca-Cola" in Hebrew41
    9232001330CupYellow rim - Coca-Cola written in Arabic, picture of Motorola cellphone0
    3302001330SpecialCherry Coca-Cola - yellow rim - "Tender of Presents"2
    3692001330CupCup Design - "Coca-Cola" in Hebrew, "Enjoy"26
    3292001330SpecialCherry Coca-Cola Regular1
    3352000330CupCup Design - "Coca-Cola" in Hebrew, NO "Enjoy"19
    3362000330CupCup Design - "Coca-Cola" in Arabic (Aluminium)6
    3661999330DiscDisc Design - "Coca-Cola" in Arabic, made in Ramallah (Aluminium)8
    3631998330DiscDisc Design - "Coca-Cola" in Hebrew + Free Call (Ferium)36
    3621998330DiscDisc Design - "Coca-Cola" in Hebrew (Ferium)34
    3471997330BottleBottle Design - "Coca-Cola" in Arabic1


    Total Resoults: 154
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